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Return On Science provides an open value-added process that allows easy engagement with IP owners and inventors directly.


Return On Science has Commercialisation Managers available to meet in any location. They have knowledge and experience in commercialising early stage research. The first conversation is to talk about the research or technology and discuss what potential commercial applications this may have.


If the technology looks to have a possible commercial opportunity the Commercialisation Manager will assist in preparing a presentation to the relevant Investment Committee. The Commercialisation Manager will work with the IP owner to develop a roadmap, an IP plan, and discuss possible funding and investment options.


The Investment Committee meeting is about presenting the technology and discussing with the Committee Members the potential commercial applications, and the Committee providing feedback on the potential pathway, barriers, mitigation strategies, funding options, next steps, and making introductions to relevant national and international contacts. The first presentation is often used to get advice and direction before formally asking for funding at a subsequent presentation.


The Investment Committee provides feedback, support, and recommendations during the meeting. Any funding decisions are made after the project team/IP owner have left the room, in order to maintain independence of the decision making process. This is then formalised into an Investment Committee Recommendation Paper which is provided to the project team/IP owner usually within a week of the meeting. Any introductions or actions are facilitated by the Committee Members.


The project team are then able to proceed based on the recommendations/decisions, and work towards the next presentation to the Investment Committee for feedback. The project team revise the project plan based on the feedback from the Investment Committee and engage any recommended external expertise to assist in addressing and ameliorating known risks and barriers.

This is an iterative process and projects are presented to the Investment Committee as often as is required during the commercialisation process.

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